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RRG stands for projects built on long-standing values. Our vision is to transform the real estate landscape through customer-centric developments, bringing together communities and environmental responsibility and trustworthiness.

RRG has been active for 20 years in the market of Romanian real estate. The company’s expertise is spread across the full range of development activities – from concept creation and construction to real estate facility management, with a significant focus on the client.

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We aim to create a new way of living that enhances the well-being and lifestyle of our communities. We provide a range of services and solutions that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our customers, from concierge services to investment opportunities. 


We value creating positive impacts for the people and the community, delivering long-lasting solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow, and building lasting relationships based on integrity and transparency. 
We are best at creating new ways of living and experiencing spaces and locations transforming areas and locations, through infrastructure, services, and connected experiences that enrich and complement the living spaces.
We transform living spaces into vibrant hubs that seamlessly integrate with the natural world, fostering communities around a thoughtfully designed environment and connecting individuals sharing similar passions, aspirations, and outlooks.